St. John's College(SJC) has been providing exceptional nursing education for over 130 years. What started as a training school for the religious Sisters expanded to a diploma program as St. John's School of Nursing. In 1991, the school changed its name to the current St. John's College of Nursing and is now approved to grant the baccalaureate and masters degrees in nursing. 

St. John's College educates students to be competent, caring, patient-center professionals for a diverse population.  There are a number of programs available to aid the student in pursuing their desired degree. 
Pathway to Success (P2S)    
The P2S program is design to assist the student in developing effective test-taking strategies, writing, and study skills. Students complete a preliminary assessment to explore what areas they can expand on to aid them in future learning. 

Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the academic and social policies of the college. Please reference the student catalogs and handbooks on the left navigation.