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Teddy Bear Health Fair Pilot

Students of St. John’s College of Nursing partnered with the Early Learning Center to host their first pilot of the Teddy Bear Health Fair program. On the evening of November 9th children and their families returned to school with their favorite Teddy companions to learn about healthy habits; daily lifestyle activities to promote safety and wellness; socialization in health care settings, practices, and equipment.
A variety of stations were set up for children and family to interact with students. Germs, exercise, oral hygiene, household dangers, vital signs and injection administration are some examples of the station themes. Overall, there were 10 stations, including complimentary teddy bears and adoption certificates for children who did not bring a bear or wished to care for another.
“The night went very well… both nursing students and preschoolers remained engaged during the entire event,” said Cindy Ackley, Assistant Professor at St. John’s College and lead on the Teddy Bear Health Fair initiative.
“One child in particular was at the event form beginning to end… and even made their parents bring teddy bears too,” said Ackley.
A total of 43 children and 45 adults joined us for the first Teddy Bear Health Fair. 37 students developed the different stations as their teaching-learning project for the Diverse Populations II course.   
St. John’s College Chancellor Dr. Charlene Aaron said, “The Teddy Bear clinic was a success in promoting healthy behaviors in the pre-school children. The children and parents enjoyed the interactive learning stations, as the activities gave parents creative ways to continue these health promotion behaviors at home. I’m very proud of Cindy Ackley’s vision of the learning activity and her collaborative efforts to benefit the community’s youth through nursing education.”
St. John’s College hopes to continue the Teddy Bear Health Fair and expand the program to educate the community on these practices.

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