ATI TEAS nursing program entrance exam


How to register for the ATI TEAS

Sign up for the examThe ATI TEAS is a nursing program entrance exam that is required for the application process at St. John’s College.

Click on “Create an account.”

Fill in your information (*Use your last name for Student/Employee ID).

Click register after you have filled in your information and agreed to the terms and conditions.

You will be taken back to the home screen where you select TEAS at PSI. The next page is titled: Browse Sessions… click Learn More in the pink box.

This page is titled: Product Details 
1. You do not need to look up a test site so proceed by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on Register. If you live in or near Springfield, IL your site will be at 3223 South Meadowbrook Road, Suite B, Springfield, IL 62704. The only other sites in Illinois are in the Chicago area.

2. If you live in a state other than Illinois look up a site in your area and then click on the link: Click here. PSI Exams page will open. Scroll down to the bottom of this page. Under “Check Available Appointment Dates Before You Register,” click on the link Click Here.

3. On the next page titled “Find a Test date” click the arrow for Select Organization and chose Certification/Professional Associations by clicking on it. Once you have clicked this, a second box will appear “Select Sponsor Name.”  Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “Test of Essential Academic Skills" (TEAS) – 2nd from the bottom.

4. In the “Select Portions” box click all four small squares (English & Language Usage, Science, Mathematics, Reading) and then click Continue. In the “Test Center Selection” box click on your state. All PSI testing site locations in your state will be listed. Do not continue past this page!

5. Close this page of locations by using the red X in the upper right hand corner of the page. You should be back at the Product Details page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click: Register.

The Member Sign-In page is next. Use the account you created in the beginning to sign in. On the page with the two side-by-side boxes, scroll down the box on the left and click on: St. John’s College Springfield, IL. Once St. John’s is highlighted, click the arrow pointing to the empty box. St. John’s College should appear in the right box. This means the transcript with your TEAS scores will be sent to St. John’s College (this transcript is included in the $115 registration fee). Press Continue at the bottom of this page.

Your Shopping Cart is the title of the next page. The first box on this page may have multiple tests listed – click on Remove this Item for any extra tests listed. The test you want to keep will say that your transcript will be sent to St. John’s College. Click Check Out at the bottom of this page. 

Secure Checkout will be at the top of this page. Read the directions and complete any missing information. Click Proceed to Payment Details at the bottom of the page.

Secure Checkout continued… double check that you’ve signed up for API TEAS and the transcript will be sent to St. John’s College. Fill in your payment information and Submit Order.

Be sure and read the last pageThere is a number you must call to select the date and location where you will take the test.

Telephone registration for the API TEAS Test is available 24 hours a day. Candidates may call 1-800-211-2754 to use the automated registration system.

ATI TEAS Testing Customer Service 1-800-733-9267