RN to BSN Online Learning Program

Course requirementsSt. John’s College RN-BSN program is an online program for nurses who hold an unencumbered RN license and have graduated from an accredited diploma or associate in nursing program.

Faculty advisors guide students through their educational experience. Our expert faculty members work with each RN student to increase clinical reasoning skills, use the best evidence-based practice methods and provide a solid foundation for graduate school.

Admission requirements

1. Completed application accompanied by a $60 non-refundable application fee. 

2. Graduation from an accredited diploma or associate degree nursing program (must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale in nursing courses). If graduation was more than five years ago, must have practiced as an RN within the last two years.

3. RN with an unencumbered license.

4. Good academic standing at the last institution attended.

5. Completion of 57 semester hours of pre-nursing curriculum with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

6. Submission of official transcripts from all regionally accredited college(s) attended showing:
     a.  A minimum grade of C in all required courses completed prior to enrollment in St. John’s College.
     b. No designated lower division course may be repeated more than once. Official transcripts must
         come from the granting institution directly to St. John’s College. 

7.  Two professional references.

8. Submission of a legal document showing proof of name at time of application (RN license and state-issued photo ID).

9. All applicants with English as a second language are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and achieve a score of 560 on the paper version, 220 on the computer based version or 83 on the internet-based (iBT) version.

Upon notice of formal admission and to receive permission to enroll in classes, the student must:

1. Complete a pre-entrance health examination and provide proof of up-to-date immunizations.

2. Complete a criminal background check with no disqualifying conditions.

3. Undergo a drug screening.

4. Undergo a personal interview as requested by the College.

5. Provide proof of CPR certification (within last year).

6. Provide proof of medical insurance.

7. Provide proof of malpractice insurance.

Upon formal acceptance to the College and satisfactory completion of 15 hours of RN-BSN curriculum, the registered nurse is granted credit for the following:
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing  (19 hours)
  • Childbearing/Child rearing  (5 hours)
  • Psychiatric Nursing  (5 hours)
  • Pathophysiology/Pharmacology  (1 hour)
  • Health Assessment  (1 hour)
  • Professional Practice  (2 hours)
Total 33 hours

Additional Information

The last 30 credit hours of the RN-BSN degree must be taken at St. John’s College. A three-hour upper division elective also is required prior to graduation. The upper division elective may be taken prior to or concurrent with the RN-BSN curriculum.

Courses are fluid and taken in alternative sequence with the exceptions of the Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice course which must be taken after completion of the Introduction to Nursing Research course, and the Leadership in Contemporary Nursing Practice Capstone course which must be taken at the end of the curriculum.

Students must take a minimum of six hours per semester and must complete the program within four years.

Enrollment as an RN student-at-large

(Pending completion of prerequisites)
RNs may enroll as a student-at large without having completed all prerequisites. The RN student may take up to a maximum of 10 hours before officially enrolling in the program. Once the student-at-large completes the maximum number of hours allowed, no additional coursework may be completed without formal admission to the RN-BSN program. Once registered for the course, students-at-large are subject to all college policies.

Enrollment as an RN seeking continuing education hours through academic coursework

RNs may take academic courses for continuing education credit. Nurses may convert a three-hour course to 45 hours of continuing education. Completion of a four-hour course converts to 60 hours of continuing education. Please see the 2010 Illinois Nurse Practice Act or call the college for further details.

Transfer of upper division credit

Students who wish to transfer credit for courses completed in other accredited baccalaureate programs must meet the general admission criteria and submit an official transcript and a college catalog.

Students seeking admission to St. John’s College must submit a statement indicating the reason they wish to transfer and provide copies of all nursing course syllabi.

RN to BSN credit for prior learning

A portfolio process is available for RN to BSN students to earn credit for prior learning for the course NSG 437 Community Health Nursing for the Public’s Health. The student who satisfactorily completes a portfolio process will earn six semester hours.

The cost of the portfolio review and charge for recording the credit hours to the academic transcript is equivalent to the cost of one credit hour. Students who wish to submit a portfolio to be evaluated for credit for prior learning should contact the Academic Dean for guidelines at least one full semester before expecting to receive credit.

Questions regarding the cost of this process should be directed to the financial aid officer.

Lincoln Land Community College

Through an articulation agreement, Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) and St. John’s College of Nursing (SJC) offer a clear path to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing for students entering the Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) program at LLCC. LLCC and SJC have worked together to create an advising guide that provides a seamless transfer from  the ADN program at LLCC to the online RN to BSN program offered at SJC. The agreement totals 97 credit hours of nursing courses and general education requirements at LLCC, and 31 credit hours of upper division nursing courses at SJC.

For more information, email information@sjcs.edu or call (217) 525-5628.