Pay My BillSt. John’s College of Nursing has a fixed tuition rate policy for its nursing students. Tuition and fees are set each spring by the college board of directors for new students entering their first academic term.

Once tuition and fees are set, they are not subject to any increases. The college locks these rates for the length of the student’s academic program, plus one additional academic year.

The academic program length is four semesters for both the traditional and accelerated programs. The total length of time tuition can be locked is six consecutive semesters.

If a student does not maintain full-time status (12 semester hours) or takes longer to graduate than one additional academic year, his or her tuition rate is no longer fixed and will be adjusted to the current tuition and fee rate. Subsequently, the student will be charged based on the number of hours in which he or she is enrolled at the current rate. Once a student returns to full time status, he or she will lock the current rate of tuition and fees for the remainder of the program.

Tuition payment policy

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