Additional program fees and RN licensure costs

The list below provides estimates of additional BSN-only program costs that are not set by the college for budgeting purposes. Costs may be higher or lower depending on the student’s needs and change without notice. Students may be able to decrease costs with careful planning.

In most cases, financial aid can cover additional costs after a student enrolls.

Admission Costs

  • Application Fee:  $60 per application
  • API-TEAS Exam:  $115 per attempt

Final Acceptance Costs

  • Criminal background check:  $52
  • Drug screen:  $45
  • CPR certification:  $45
  • Malpractice insurance:  $38 a year
  • Health screening/immunizations:  Varies
  • Health insurance:  Varies

Academic Costs

  • Textbooks:  $2,500 entire program
  • Computer:  (PC or MAC) $500 to $1,500
  • Scrubs:  $200 as needed
  • Stethoscope:  $30 to $125
  • White shoes:  $80 to $150 as needed

Nursing License Review (optional)*

  • Kaplan NCLEX review:  $500

Nursing license costs

  • Finger printing:  $42
  • NCLEX exam:  $200 per attempt
  • Nursing license fee:  $189 for first license

*St. John’s College students participate in the Hurst NCLEX review without charge in their senior year ($500 value)

For more information, email or call (217) 814-4705.