The St. John's College of Nursing Simulation Center officially opened on March 1, 2016. This state-of-the-art simulation center measures 6000 square feet and cost 1.9 million dollars - sparing no expense to ensure the best education for future nurses and the best opportunities for the medical community.

The center offeres six clinical settings including:
  • an operating/obstetrics room
  • emergency room
  • medical / surgical patient room
  • exam room
  • pediatric room
  • skills lab
Classrooms are also available with teleconference and digital capabilities. 
Located on the second floor of the Central Illinois Division building at 850 East Madision Street in downtown Springfield, the center is an optimal resource for the advancing medical community of central Illinois. If you wish to inquire about utilizing the simulation center please contact Gregg Kater, the Simulation Center Coordinator at 217.525.5628 or email